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InView™ video – the online video conferencing game changer

Why resort to outdated email when you can speak to prospectives in a much more human way with InView. CommuniCloud’s video conferencing service cuts out the small talk and puts your business ahead of the rest. Benefit from creative sessions and become more innovative through video conferencing.

Get the team together in a more fun way, brainstorm ideas and produce more work with fewer distractions. By preparing your setup in advance, taking advantage of the tools at your disposal, and engaging your participants, a video conference with InView™ can prove to be a better way to network, whether your teammates are down the street or on the other side of the globe.

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Invest in nothing but the best

As industry influencers, CommuniCloud come out on top for a state-of-the-art video conference. Built for professionals, we make sure to work with the best technology platforms, whether it’s our proprietary InView™ or Prime Time technology to seamlessly bring all participants face-to-face. Our service provides you with the power of a flexible, secure, HD video conference through a first class, subscription based “all you can meet” collaboration.

Work better with your team

With our video conferencing solutions team meetings work better than ever – members of your company may not be able to attend a meeting in person but that no longer means you need to hold fire. With our multi video support, content and crystal clear audio it’s full steam ahead; team meetings can still be fully communicative. Sales demonstrations – keep your business ahead of the curve by exhibiting products or services through video.

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Unmatched interoperability to work with your everyday applications

The perks

InView video call custom layouts interface

Customised Layouts

Whether it’s continuous presence and equal sized images of all your meeting attendees, or maybe you just want the active speaker on full screen. Better still, how about a layout of the active speaker and a filmstrip of everyone else? It’s your meeting, you decide.

Dial Out

Someone’s forgot to join? Or last minute, you need to include additional collaborators? No problem! This feature gives you the power to dial out to fixed SIP/H.323 video systems or to Lync / Skype for Business users. You can even choose whether you want them to join as a meeting presenter or just an attendee. How cool!

InView video call dial out interface
InView video call transfer interface

Call Transfer and
Sub Conference

Need to create a breakout session? With InView’s transfer feature, you can move selected attendees into a meeting within your meeting. Discuss separate topics, use for training or project management and whenever you are ready, just move them back into the main meeting.

Choose your Presenters

Planning a large video call? You may want to fix the layout to show only the video feed of your keynote speakers. The InView show presenter feature allows you to do just that while the remaining meeting attendees stay on audio only feed. You can also minimise interruptions by muting all audio except the presenters to deliver a high impact virtual event. Then unmute at the end for Q&A.

InView video call choose presenters interface

Creative integration

When you add InView’s virtual meeting room options to Polycom’s suite of video hardware systems, you can extend your video room collaboration to an audience of your choice. Your business will benefit from enhanced efficiency and productivity with our enterprise-grade collaboration solution.

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