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Company culture begs for more collaboration and as business needs change, conference rooms need to follow suit. CommuniCloud have made sure to source the highest quality in video hardware, so our system takes care of generating computer graphics while you’re presented with precision in video. The intelligent software and flexible design of the Polycom RealPresence Room Solutions delivers an exceptional life-like virtual meeting experience every time for both remote and on-site participants.


The answer to your video collaboration needs

When you add InView™’s virtual meeting room options to Polycom’s suite of video hardware systems, you can extend your video room collaboration to an audience of your choice. Your business will benefit from enhanced efficiency and productivity with our enterprise-grade collaboration solution. Designed to adapt to all types of meeting spaces our audio hardware creates a crisp sound in any environment. The Polycom RealPresence Room solution was built with modern workspaces in mind, of which include small creatives open workspaces, as well as the traditional boardroom style.

Invest in better quality


Life-like meeting experience

See, hear and collaborate with others as if it were an in person meeting. Voice and video quality like never before


Enterprise-grade collaboration

Built for business. A must have technology solution for high impact and professional virtual meetings, delivered securely and encrypted


HD video & audio quality

A natural sound and feel, with crisp voice and sharp images of your far end meeting attendees. Achieve a lot more, with a lot less hassle and all in real-time

Our polycom solutions

Group Series 310

Smaller meeting rooms need a solution that is right-sized for the space. However, small size and price does not have to mean a sacrifice in performance. RealPresence Group 310 supports 1080p60 video resolution, adding a new level of clarity and realism to your business communications.


Group Series 500

The Polycom® RealPresence® Group 500 is the perfect answer for conference room productivity and other collaborative environments, from small board rooms to larger spaces that may contain dual screens. A strong video performance and interactive content collaboration brings users closer together and sparks proactive and productive conversation for teams participating from all over the globe. The compact, sleek design of our video hardware is easily compactable and keeps your room looking neat and tidy.


The Polycom® RealPresence TrioTM 8800 is the ultimate hub needed for productive teamwork that transforms the outdated conference call into a voice, video and content sharing structure that can adapt to any group setup.



Polycom® RealPresence DebutTM is high-grade video conferencing hardware made easy, with elegance, and a must-have for all meeting rooms. It delivers cost-effective collaboration for those smaller organizations looking to step up consumer-level alternatives.

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