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Flexible teleconference
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Introducing MeetMe with Dolby® Voice™

The grounds for any growing business are communication and networking, so we’re making distance no excuse for lack of success. Audio conferencing is the ultimate way to get people together over the phone. With an abundance of experience in the field, CommuniCloud can deliver audio conferencing to meet all types of business needs, whether it’s a smaller more private collaboration you’re after or an integral company event that needs to be connected.

Audio conferencing from the local cafe
Apple devices using audio conference software

The simplest of solutions

Our MeetMe service does exactly what it says on the tin, supplying an incredibly clear and easy-to-use solution, globally. With MeetMe, you can host fully-controlled phone conferencing that allow a number of parties to connect securely. A CommuniCloud audio conference can be available at anytime, anywhere and managed directly from your internet browser or straight from your smartphone. It couldn’t be simpler!

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Audio meetings for big or small businesses

With integration of Dolby spatial voice technology completely redefines audio conferencing by replacing the often noisy, awkward and tedious traditional conference call with the natural sound and feel of an in-person meeting. In short, with our global access solution, you achieve a lot more with a lot less hassle and all in real-time.

So why choose CommuniCloud for your audio meeting? Whether you’re a small business with clients all over the country or a multinational with teams all over the world, you need to bring people together quickly and cost-effectively – that’s why we have crafted our audio conferencing system to the highest level.

Audio conferencing in the meeting room

Standout features


Easy-to-use solution

You’ll never need to remember a phone number or passcode again. One click to join a conference call from any web browser or your mobile App. You can even ask the meeting to dial out to your phone.


Secure connection

Encrypted communication end to end and a simple user interface for hosts to securely manage the participants and the audio meeting



Drive down the cost of joining conference calls from expensive overseas PSTN toll free numbers, by joining from your mobile data or any fixed internet service

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Looking for a video
conferencing solution?

Get the team together, brainstorm ideas and produce more work with fewer distractions. By preparing your setup in advance, taking advantage of the tools at your disposal, and engaging your participants, video communication with InView™ can prove to be a better way to network.

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