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Managed Services Provider

CommuniCloud’s Collaboration Specialist team can remotely launch point-to-point or Multi-point video connections for users who prefer not to touch the video endpoint technology in any fashion. The user will make a booking with our reservations team and one of our Collaboration Specialists will remotely connect the participating endpoints into a conference. The most a user may have to do is answer the incoming call which our specialist has remotely initiated. The Collaboration Specialist will be available to join the call with the participants and manage all aspects of the call as needed.


Managed Events for every type of business

Companies, big or small, are using video more than ever before. This brings so many new features to the business but also as the use of video increases, so does the complexity of deploying, managing and supporting the variety of solutions available in the market. CommuniCloud’s managed event services to the rescue. We have the expertise to make effective video collaboration a reality for your organisation.

CommuniCloud’s team of dedicated operators make hosted events easier and more competent than ever. We provide event managers to schedule and coordinate meeting details, professional announcers to monitor and manage meetings and technical experts to troubleshoot any unforeseen issues that arise so you don’t have to sweat it. A managed event provides you with the scope to focus on other things.

An asset to your business


Localised support

Friendly and technical resource at your disposal. Our customer support will help drive adoption and make video communication the preferred choice of collaboration technology.


Dedicated event managers

All Managed Services come with your own Dedicated Event Manager. These Dedicated Event Managers have a full understanding of our services and provide an end to end service.


Peace of mind

Your business can enjoy having peace of mind knowing the weight of the workload and responsibility has been shifted to professionals in the managed services industry.

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